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Your Affiliate Dating Service, Without Limits

If you`ve been searching for the perfect business partner, look no further. We`re industry experts when it comes to online dating and with over a decade`s worth of experience, we can provide you with the best affiliate platform on which to build, not just a lucrative internet dating service, but a recognised brand.

Start a relationship with us today and as well as offering you a first class service, we`ll work hard to:

  • Enhance your online reputation
  • Greatly increase traffic to your dating site
  • Create a new and exciting revenue stream
  • Provide access to niche markets with existing affiliate networks with existing members

Pinpoint Your Market

Take some time to think about the type of site you want to run, as well as a theme/interest and who you want it to be targeted towards. Consider the demographics of your future members; age range, geographical location etc. Perhaps you`d like to aim for mainstream members. Either way, do your homework - find out what`s popular right now or even consider a niche market.

  • Which target market has room for growth (for example, single mums, divorced dads etc.)
  • Who we aim affiliate dating sites at
  • What type of site has the best conversion rate
  • The demographics of your members: their age, interests etc.

Once you`ve clearly defined your target market, we can supply you with existing members that fit perfectly into your site`s criteria. How? We have direct access of a membership base consisting of up to 3.1 million people looking for love, among a wealth of other desires.

Image is Everything

First impressions are extremely important, particularly online. A simple, fresh-looking website with crisp colours and clear fonts can make the difference between sending a customer away from your dating site in seconds and turning those clicks into cash. Our highly skilled Design Team can help you achieve the latter, using our simple set-up process.

Keeping your audience in mind at all times, we`ll ensure that the look and feel of your site fits snugly around your original idea. All you need to do is decide on the template, logo, colours and fonts used and we`ll do the rest. It`s incredibly straightforward.

When a member has joined our affiliate dating service, we`ll keep sending them back to the website by displaying your branding on all dating-related communications.

What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
Last week I spent in Scotland on holiday, I did not work at all. This is the beauty of the system; I come back from a holiday and find I have earned just as much money as if I had been working all week!
Les: The Singles