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Affiliate Agreement
Please read the terms and conditions before applying for the BONE FISH LTD SERVICE.

1) Terms of Agreement
The terms of this AGREEMENT will commence following the acceptance of the "AFFILIATE APPLICATION" and will terminate when ended by either party. Both the "AFFILIATE" and "BONE FISH LTD" may terminate this AGREEMENT at any time - with or without cause by providing the other party with written notice of the termination. The AFFILIATE is only eligible to earn referral fees on sales occurring during the active term.

Causes for termination include:
The use of unsolicited email/spam to promote the BONE FISH LTD SERVICE or programme is the principal cause for termination of a BONE FISH LTD affiliate programme. If the AFFILIATE uses spam to promote the SERVICE, notification will be received regarding the termination of the account. If the AFFILIATE or BONE FISH LTD terminates the account `without cause`, then all monies owed to the AFFILIATE will be honoured. Thus, any and all commissions outstanding during the AGREEMENT term will be duly paid. If the amount outstanding is lower than the standard minimum payment level of £50, the transaction will be subject to a processing fee of £10.

1.1) Privacy
To protect the AFFILIATE`S right of privacy, at any time he/she is permitted to refuse receipt of any promotional material derived from the company BONE FISH LTD (i.e. newsletters and sales promotions via email). The AFFILIATE can unsubscribe from all affiliate communications by sending an email request to the following email address: affiliates@bone-fish.com.

1.2) Mediation
Any issues or discrepancies regarding outstanding commissions will be dealt with within 7 days of BONE FISH LTD receiving notification by email. All such matters will be handled by the director of BONE FISH LTD, Michael Fitzgerald. Queries may be raised via email to: mike.fitzgerald@bone-fish.com or by post to:

Michael Fitzgerald
Bone Fish Ltd
3rd Floor
International House
Bell Lane

What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
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