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Choose to work with Bone Fish and gain over 10 years` experience of working in the white label dating industry. We know what it takes to create a successful dating site, so if you`re truly ready to start a lucrative dating service without any hassle then let`s begin...

This process couldn`t be more straightforward. This site will guide you through it. You`ll also find a series of articles that cover:

  1. How to set up and design a new affiliate site
  2. How to set up your own domain
  3. How to set up your own landing page
  4. How to link to our domain
  5. How to find traffic for your site

Preparing to Launch

Our excellent affiliate package allows you to either create a site from scratch or to build on a concept which is already live and functioning. Perhaps you have experience in the white label dating industry but want to establish a stronger online presence, or maybe you`re simply looking to launch a completely new, stand-alone site. Whatever your current position, we can cater for your requirements accordingly.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at some of the existing branded sites we`ve helped to set up for our affiliates. Emily, for example, was well known for her matchmaking skills and organised date nights but wasn`t catering for the online dating market. She created a site with us and now enjoys an excellent return from it every month. Team up with Bone Fish today and you can enjoy the same level of success.

What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
Bone Fish are always happy to discuss any problems with you, and they are always open to new ideas. With the help of Bone Fish, I now run several sites, I am the Director of two ltd companies and pull in a five figure cheque each MONTH. Thanks guys for a great programme and great service.
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