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Creating an Impressive Income through Affiliate Marketing

With 1 in 5 couples now being the product of a dating website, the future’s looking bright for the white label dating industry. And those who invest time and effort into matching their members can make impressive returns.

Simple Formula, Great Returns

For every member that subscribes to our service, you’ll get a 50% return – and that’s for each and every payment the member makes for the entire life of their membership.

And it gets better. Ten years of research has shown that the average member will pay up to four times. This basically means that if you have 10 members paying you £14.97 per month, your dating site will be making an impressive £598 in membership fees per month.

More benefits:

  • You receive regular monthly payments
  • You will be paid 50% of all the revenue on subscriptions
  • You will NOT pay the 20% VAT that you pay on other affiliate programmes

And you can relax – there are no tiered revenue shares and there’s no obligation to find 10,000 members and direct them to the site every month in order to make your 50% revenue share. It really couldn’t be more straightforward!

Sign up today and this could be the start of something special…

What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
Last week I spent in Scotland on holiday, I did not work at all. This is the beauty of the system; I come back from a holiday and find I have earned just as much money as if I had been working all week!
Les: The Singles