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Your Questions Answered

Q. I can`t remember my password - what shall I do?
A. Upon accessing the main page of the admin centre, you will find an icon stating "Lost Password". By selecting this icon, your password will be re-sent to your email address. Alternatively, you are also able to request assistance from the Affiliate Department by emailing: mailto:mike.fitzgerald@bone-fish.com and placing "Forgotten Password" in the subject line.

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Q. What statistics are available in the admin centre?
A. Through the admin centre you can keep tabs on the commissions that you and your site have earned, keep track of the members that have joined your site, and visualise the targets that you need to meet in order to achieve your bonuses - and all at the click of a button.

The statistics available through the admin centre are as follows:

New sales - new member (paid) subscriptions
Rebills - no. of repeat (paid) subscriptions
Free registrations - per day
Free registrations - per month
Bonus targets - what targets you have to reach to achieve your bonuses
Daily summary - previous and current day report, displaying new sales/activations by site name.
Monthly commissions - what commissions you are due so far this month, as well as your previous sales history

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Q. Can I add a new site to my existing account?
A. Yes, this is possible. Within the admin centre there is a section where you can enter new sites and networks. To access this section and to add new networks and sites, you do not need previous approval from Bone Fish Ltd. For more assistance with this matter, simply email the Affiliate Manager at: mailto:mike.fitzgerald@bone-fish.com. By stating "New Site/ New Network" in the subject line, you will receive a comprehensive guide on how to execute the above.

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What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
We have been using Bone Fish for more than ten years now and have found your service to be excellent and it provides us with a useful additional revenue stream. We are pleased to recommend Bone Fish to our clients.
Bruce: Partners