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Giving You the Power to Grow

Just as a flower needs water to grow, your affiliate dating site needs Bone Fish to enable it to function properly. But in order for us to power your site, you need to integrate it with our web pages. So let`s get connected.

Integrating Our Package with Your Idea

All the dating pages included in your package (such as where members control their site, search for members etc.) are hosted by Bone Fish. But your landing page and any ancillary pages that you choose to add are hosted by you. So, in order to link your pages to ours, you need to choose from one of two methods:

1. Link to our pages as a frame within your site

Your web page will display identically to the rest of your site with our dating section embedded within your page. If you want complete control over your domain name, this could be the best option for you. Any modern HTML editor will enable you to create a frameset which will keep your domain name in the same address bar whilst the member uses our service. Some of our affiliates opt for this method as they prefer to have a shorter, more memorable address being displayed at all times.

If you`d like to use this method to integrate your site, see the example frameset below:

<html> <frameset cols="0,*"> <frame name="BLANK" scrolling="no" target="MAIN" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"> <frame name=”MAIN” src="http://XXX.dating-central.net" /> </frameset> </html>

2. Link stand-alone Bone Fish pages to and from your landing page

The Bone Fish domain name will appear in the address bar in the Bone Fish pages, however, by choosing the same colours and layouts for all pages, the sites can be neatly merged. This method is better suited to affiliates who aren`t familiar with HTML.

What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
Last week I spent in Scotland on holiday, I did not work at all. This is the beauty of the system; I come back from a holiday and find I have earned just as much money as if I had been working all week!
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