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What we offer members of your affiliate site

An easy-to-navigate site
Everything on your dating platform - from the registration forms and photo upload options to the personal advert section - features a simple layout thatís incredibly easy to navigate.

A member profile in seconds
Using our state-of-the-art Advert Wizard, members can create their own profile in seconds. Easy to navigate and hassle free, even the most inexperienced of computer users will find our online dating software a piece of cake.

State-of-the-art search and match tools
When a new member joins your service, their details are sent to existing members who match their profile, using our Auto Matcher function (which can help to increase response levels). Quick Search, Full Search and Member ID Search options are also available to members.

Saved Search section
Thereís no need to keep re-entering search parameters. If, for example, your members are regularly looking for females in London between the ages of 20 and 40, they can save time accessing this information by saving it in the Search section.

Bookmark favourites
When members catch a glimpse of a profile they fancy and want to re-visit at a later date, they can bookmark it by adding it their Favourites list. This allows quick, easy viewing in the future.

Chat rooms
Both free and subscribed members of your dating service will have access to a wide range of chat rooms with topics ranging from ladies, men, couples, friends, fantasy bar, happy hour, disabled and many more.

Members can keep up-to-date with all the latest from other profiles with quick access to the history of an individual classed as a Member of Interest.

What Affiliates and Employees have to say...
Bone Fish are always happy to discuss any problems with you, and they are always open to new ideas. With the help of Bone Fish, I now run several sites, I am the Director of two ltd companies and pull in a five figure cheque each MONTH. Thanks guys for a great programme and great service.
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